Alexander Viktorovich Cherkasov - author of the project "Space of a child's dream"

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Alexander Cherkasov is a successful businessman, candidate of biological sciences, master of beauty (honorary order for the development of landscape design traditions), winner of numerous international and federal competitions, artist, father and grandfather of the family.

About himself, the Master says: "I am a nerd who is deeply in love with the world, a romantic, 64th year of release. I soon realized that money alone is not a goal, but the returned energy to realize the best version of myself, my dreams and attitude. I have there's no particularly secret secret to success, there is a life credo that everyone knows: love the world, and it will answer you the same, much faster than you expect. "

A characteristic feature of our time is that a person who is "tired" of city bustle and crowded, living in constant stress, is trying to escape "into the nature", get lost not in stone high-rises, but in a forest ringing by birds, breathe into the intoxicating aroma of herbs, feel peace and calmness. This is exactly how the fairy tale corner "Space of Love" affects all visitors, which, as if by magic, transferred Alexander Viktorovich Cherkasov from the past to our reality.

Plant the garden ...
A graduate of the Timiryazev Academy, Alexander Viktorovich began his career with growing and trading seedlings, collaborated with the Institute of Genetics and the Main Botanical Garden, was engaged in garden design, and with his own hands laid part of the garden in the courtyard of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. What the Master did would have been more than enough to enter several people in the biography, but he does not stop there. His main creation for today is the Landscape-Architectural Wellness Complex "Space of Love", and in his dreams - the creation of the School of Botany and Landscape Design.

Build a house ...
It seems that Alexander Viktorovich can build a house out of anything and anything. Next to the living room is the House of the Sun, a little further off the Scottish Castle, even further Bathhouse, or simply a VIP hut. And how many amazing small buildings and sculptural ensembles! It is no accident that the Space of Love complex is listed in the Book of Records and Achievements of Russia for the number of completed projects on such a small plot of land.

Raise a child ...
Everything that the Master does, first of all he does for children, His children grow up and delight. Everyone who has visited a fabulous town becomes joyful and happy. The magical world of a fairy tale .. Without having been in it, the child will never become a Man, a Person. Alexander Viktorovich understands this and is constantly creating new fairy tales for children. In a fairy tale museum, sad children become cheerful, reserved ones - outgoing, angry - affectionate and kind. Is this not happiness ?!
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