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Hello dear guest! We are glad to see you, your colleagues, friends and family! You might have questions how to get to us and how to contact us, therefore, we all wrote and told in detail. We will be glad to see you in our fabulous space of dreams, love and childhood. Welcome !
How to get to the space of childhood dreams?
Address: Moscow Region, Domodedovo, Kashirskoye Highway, 44 km, possession of "Dachnik", building 1


Longitude: 37°46'56.92"E(37.78574180563737)

Latitude: 55°24'38.93"N(55.40335892242196)

By bus and minibus:

Option 1: by bus from metro "Domodedovo", the first car from the center, from glass doors 2 times to the right. Near the exit, bus stop 505 (or 504, 508) drive to the Magazin Dachnik stop (on request), the landmark is the first stop after the city line. Destination - on the right along the bus (about 125 rubles).

Option 2 (optimal): from st.m. "Domodedovo", the last car from the center (up to the left) minibus 877i, 877k, 1008k, get to the stop "Magazin Dachnik", the landmark is the first stop after the city line. Destination - on the right along the bus (125 rubles). The driver should be warned in advance.

By train: from the Paveletsky railway station or from the metro station "Warsaw", "Nagatinskaya", "Tula" or from Art. "Upper Boilers" of the Moscow Central Ring to the Domodedovo station (up to 115 rubles), then by minibus 466, bus 30, 55, 33 to the stop "Dachnik Shop" or by taxi.

By car: on the highway M-4 Don (17 km from MKAD)
entering into the navigator "Prostranstvo detskoy mechty" or "Пространство детской мечты".

How to book a bath and room? How to contact with you?
Room reservation:
- Art Hotel Uletny Gorod, Api-Domik, Avtokemper +7 (977) 7650435,
- 5D-hotel "Castle of Dreams" +7 (977) 9556563
- Gostiny dvor "At the Farm" +7 (977) 9151716
Please contact the hotel's magical park.

Bath reservations: +7 (977) 9151716
- Small bath in Gostiny Dvor
- Bathhouse residence

Restaurant "Tavern on the Farm": +7 (925) 9040101
Reservation of tables, halls, gazebos and restaurants, a bar.

Organization of events, excursions, interaction with the media:
+ 7-926-120-87-99 (Alexey)

Claims and cooperation issues: + 7-977-723-07-09

Moscow Region, Domodedovo, md. West, Kashirskoye sh., 44 km, ow. "Summer resident", p.1

Contact us
We are pleased to invite partners to jointly conduct events at the park-hotel. Contact us to discuss terms of cooperation.
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