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Landscape ecological park
Childhood Dream Space

A place where you can forget about the city
and reunite with nature


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About the author

Alexander Cherkasov is the head of a successful family business, a candidate of biological sciences, a master of beauty (an honorary order for the development of landscape design traditions), a laureate of numerous international and federal competitions, an artist, father and grandfather of the family.
Shoe Museum
The largest shoe collection in the shoe! Find out her story by visiting the shoe inside and on the roof under the mushroom.
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Military historical dugout!
A unique object with a private collection of the The Second World War. Sometimes guests find a dugout only through a haze from under the ground when they walk around a living corner - but inside the dugout is a real reconstruction of the soldiers' life and life during the war. Sign up for a retro-samovar tea party and make porridge from the cauldron!
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Park of magical forest creatures
Magical creatures and where they live - Park-Hotel Zoo Space of a child's dream. Here you can feed the animals by buying food, and also - go on a horse ride, go through a horse saddle master class and learn how to shoot a bow from horses
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Restaurant "Tavern on the Khutorok"
The famous restaurant in Domodedovo with 600 seats, 12 halls for banquets, anniversaries and weddings, 2 of which with a real fireplace! The restaurant is famous for its signature "royal carp", magical cheesecakes, a unique interior and a landscape park with dozens of outdoor gazebos and art objects
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Art Gallery "Gingerbread Man"
The Kolobok art gallery is perhaps the strangest and most mystical place ... This is the laboratory of the storyteller-wizard, where a very unusual yellow round substance is brewed under the supervision of various creatures and forces ... It is better to see with your own eyes and try to guess riddles from Bach about versions origin of sculptures and paintings
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Art Hotel Uletny Gorod
The art hotel with 30 standard double rooms welcomes guests with artworks created by Alexander Cherkasov - they can be seen in the lobby on the 1st and 2nd floors: a lot of mosaics, art objects, interweaving the history of the place - Domodedovo and interpretation of the works of great artists . Guests can relax in the budgerigar room, use the shared kitchen or sit in the oriental-themed room.
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Art Hotel Castle of Dreams
The unique design numbers included in the Guinness Book of Records will surprise you with their design and the smallest details thought out by artists. You can not only rent 6 rooms for 1 night or change them every night, but also use them as a photo studio for photo shoots, visit with a guided tour (for children under 3 years old - for free)
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Cottage Bathhouse
Cottage Bathhouse residence is designed for 12 people, or for a company of up to 30 people - it is equipped with a sauna, a pool-font for 5-10 people, a pool table, karaoke. In addition, it is possible to rent a street gazebo with a barbecue area. A small sauna is located in the Gostiny Dvor "on the farm", where there are 4 rooms and a shared kitchen
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Sculpture park of fairy tale heroes
The most famous art park Tales in the city of Domodedovo! Where else is it possible to get into the "Head of the Giant Svyatogor"? Or crawl into Izba on chicken legs? Heroes from fairy tales of all times are visualized in the park - come with children, conduct photo shoots and visit the tour!
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Our Design Superior Rooms
5-D Hotel "Castle of Dreams"
From 3500 rubles for 12 hours (without breakfast)
From 6900 rubles per day (with breakfast)
6 unique double rooms with individual design. The hotel is listed in the Book of Records and Achievements of Russia. Breakfast, visits to all museums, and daily housekeeping are included.
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Art Hotel "Uletny Gorod"

From 2500 rubles per day
30 standard double rooms with the possibility of additional placement
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Cottage "Bathhouse Residence"
From 1800 rubles per hour (from 2 hours), from 25000 rubles per day (with beds for 10 people).

This is a spacious 2-storey building with a fenced yard, the design of the cottage repeats the decoration of ancient Russian houses, built of eco-friendly material. It contains such elements as a canopy - the entrance room; a dishwasher, or kitchen; the traditional chambermaid is modernized under a modern lounge with high-quality audio and video equipment (karaoke). Well, and, of course, a nice steam room with a pool, as well as a pool table, in the courtyard there is a large barbecue for barbecue and barbecue.
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Room reservation in art hotels:
- "Castle of Dreams", "Awesome city", "Api-house" + 7-977-765-04-35
- Art Hotel "Castle of Dreams" - + 7-977-955-65-63
- Bath Residence "Gostiny Dvor" + 7-925-790-05-64

Bath reservation:
Phone: + 7-925-790-05-64
- Small bath in Gostiny Dvor
- Bathhouse residence

Restaurant "Tavern on the Farm":
+ 7-925-904-01-01
Reservation of tables, halls, gazebos and restaurants, a bar.

Organization of events, excursions, interaction with the media and partners:
+ 7-977-723-07-09, - Alex, Olga

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+ 7-977-723-07-09
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